Diplomatic is a collection of objects that mix wood and leather to make a very special ensemble.
Two wooden pieces, -a lamp and a versatile bench-table- use leather as a complement of their main function, also providing a really simple and elegant look to each of them.

Kali is a pending lamp that completely transforms the classic fluorescent tube light.
Its covered by a sophisticated wooden shell which is almost like a fitted garment that turns it into an absolutlely beautiful object. A triangular prism wraps the source of light letting the glow out through its edges, making it smooth and cozy. The leather straps from which the lamp safely hangs make the perfect combination for a classic contemporary design.

Most of the people nowadays live in small spaces, so the need of making the most of our places is becoming a big concern. This is why versatile furniture is so helpful, like Banquete.
Banquete is a confortable seat that can also be used as a low table by spreading its cushions on the floor around the base, in which two drawers provide some room for storage.
It works in a very simple way: it is formed by a wooden base with short legs and two drawes and a pile of cushions of different thicknesses and colours. The whole lot is tied by two adjustable and removable leather straps that also allow to reset the height of the seat by increasing or decreasing the number of cushions.