How to get fresh water all year without a refrigerator?

Recently, we have realized the need to reduce power consumption to preserve the environment and decrease global warming, so green alternatives should be used whenever possible.

We propose to retrieve an item from the Spanish tradition, which has been used to cool the water in a natural way for centuries: el botijo, a special kind of ceramic vase.

The porous pottery absorbs some of the water that the jug contains. When the water reaches the outer surface, is slowly evaporated. The energy for evaporation is taken from the inside of the vase and as a result, the water becomes colder.

With this project we want to actively participate in raising awareness to the waste of energy that we are used to.

Electricity has become an everyday essential in our daily life, so it is necessary to promote ecological alternatives by creating new systems or recovering the traditional ones.

Also, the development of this kind of product promotes a small-scale manufacture, which is not only friendly with the environment but also recovers the arts and crafts. In Spanish tradition this jugs used to be bigger, as they were used by people who spent many hours working outdoors, for example, in fields. That size would not be useful and effective for modern life.

Therefore, we propose an individual elBOTIJO, that can be filled with tap water and used while working, reading… While water remains cold. If all that were not enough, naturally cooled water is much healthier.