• Yellow natural stones | Giallo Siena

    Yellow natural stones | Giallo Siena


Via della Spiga, the heart of the Milan fashion district, is enriched with an extraordinary location, a symbol of made in Italy luxury and design: the new Moschino flagship store. The new boutique concept is made with excellent materials, where the Margraf marble stands out for the floor and the majestic spiral staircase that connects the two floors, combined with sophisticated color combinations and custom-made furnishings: on the ground floor, the geometric motifs of the floor are enhanced by the checkerboard graphics made in brushed Botticino, an elegant beige colored marble with golden veins, which rhythmically alternate with an original satin quartzite, forest green colour, Avocatus; on the upper floor, the warm tones of polished Giallo Siena marble take center stage, making the space intimate and cosy. Roman columns and maxi-scale capitals break the precise rhythm with irony, thanks to their scenic shapes and proportions, also acting in some points as product setups and seats. Paying homage to Moschino's history, Jeremy Scott has reinterpreted tables originally conceived by founder Franco Moschino for his studio. Used to display the most precious accessories, these design elements are the result of the juxtaposition of two different tables with different colors, completed by marble shelves and decorations made with gold leaves.


Andrea Tognon

Design Team

Jeremy Scott

  • Green natural stones | Avocatus

    Green natural stones | Avocatus


  • Beige natural stones | Botticino Classico

    Beige natural stones | Botticino Classico