A grey diamond-
That would be the most precise short description for the Ruby Store.

The rooms are shaded in different tones of grey in order to enhance the natural depth of the location.
Breaking the colour, different materials and surfaces like grey glass, old wood, knitted lamps and lacquered boards are strewn in between. The reigning theme of the diamond is reflected in the rhombus shape of the clothing rails as well as the cupboard fronts.
In the back room, we created an intimate and elegant atmosphere for the proper presentation of the evening robes.
Over dimensional ornamental strips are stretching through the full length of the room, forming the top rim of the changing room in the end. At the cashier’s desk, being the last stop for the client, all the elements meet and merge- tension and harmony of the different design essentials culminate in the last “polish” of the diamond.
The overall expression of the space can be defined as modern but homely, strict, but playful.
Each part of the space radiates its own special vibration and atmosphere.