The lighting concept by the German agency LightLife of Antonius Quodt for the Siemens Heathcare Center in Cologne enhances the ambience in examination rooms through built-in light elements in the ceiling and wall and through an acoustic system. Compared to the generally practical and clinical interior with functional ambience, a multimedia setting is available to the user during the entire examination.

In addition to patient-friendly room lighting with advanced LED technology, the system includes modulated, anti-glare workplace lighting. The decorative RGB LED accent lighting covers almost the full visible light spectrum. Apart from the attractive colour scheme in the room, the colors can also be used for communicating with the patient.

The workplace lighting also uses advanced LED technology to illuminate the main work surfaces with white high-performance LEDs without glare. The colour temperature of these LEDs is continuously adjustable between cool and warm white colours (similar to that of a conventional light bulb). The clouded sky with adjustable brightness makes the room appear larger through the 25 ceiling elements which cover a surface of approximately 10 square meters.

The acoustic component is provided by two unobtrusive and sleek satellites in connection with an invisible subwoofer. This allows patients to bring and play their own CDs and enables easy connection of common MP3 players.

The system control includes a touch display for displaying the pre-programmed examination stages. The user interface allows you to quickly and easily set any mood by touching just a single key. Similarly, individual scenarios and colouring can easily be set at the touch display with virtual sliders.

Wolfgang Strob, Bernd Keuenhof, Matthias Wedel (Siemens AG, Healthcare Sector)

LightLife GmbH
Antonius Quodt