The new studio of Uribe de Bedout Arquitectos was built in an industrial warehouse in the city. The original idea was to transform this double height warehouse into an efficient architectural studio.
The space was composed by six areas were the developing of the projects were done in the 2nd floor and at first floor all the areas of reunion. The double heights give the space a big area in square meters for arrangement of posters and photographs and also scale models. The surrounding walls were painted in black, because the architect want to give the feeling of contrast.

So the main issue was to correct the meaning of high contrast, were the black color was creating an atmosphere of darkness.
The proposal was to create a 2.4x1.2m with 10 T5 54W HO artificial skylight placed at the center of the space recreating like a direct sunlight entrance were the perception with the other window were going to be diminished.
For the walls MR16 with 24˚ and 36˚ for certain areas and two High bay PAR 30 50W industrial stainless steel luminaries, to create and enhance the wood at the meeting table.

Felipe Uribe
Lighting Design:
Juan Domínguez