This is the name of the real-estate project completed by BIEN-RIES AG in Frankfurt am Main in 2017, which includes over 230 condominiums and a total living area of almost 18,000 square metres. Designed by Dijana Sustelo, the project's architecture is every bit as unusual as its name. A special feature of this residential concept is the glass enclosures that not only surround the balconies and loggias, but can also be opened or closed to enable their use regardless of the weather. For this project, KLAUS Multiparking created a total of 108 additional parking spaces based on the MultiBase G82 system in three construction phases. By combining space-saving vehicle storage with intelligent use of land, additional space has been made available at the site for green areas, playgrounds, etc. The MultiBase G82 can be used to park vehicles up to a height of 180 cm conveniently and safely.

Customer: Bien Ries AG, Hanau