• MasterVario R2C

    MasterVario R2C

    KLAUS Multiparking

In tower systems cars reach new heights.

Automatic tower systems from KLAUS Multiparking are real space-savers because they efficiently utilise space above and below ground.

That makes them first choice wherever only a small ground space is available.

The vehicles are transported by a lift that takes them directly to a free parking space.

Australia, Parramatta: Parking can be this easy.

In Parramatta, a suburb of Sydney, a modern apartment block was built in 2013.

The parking system is also top quality. 22 parking spaces plus 2 visitor parking spaces in the MasterVario R2C offer residents full-comfort parking.

A special feature is that they can request their vehicles directly from their apartment.

SouthPac Constructions Pty. Ltd.

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