Extending over 1.5 kilometers, the public parking garage in Cologne's Rheinauhafen urban renewal project is the longest parking garage in Europe and the second longest in the world. And KLAUS Multiparking has been involved in this innovative parking concept from the very beginning. It's not just the parking garage, either – state-of-the-art parking systems have also been established for the residents of the luxurious apartments as well as the other housing units, offices and commercial buildings in the area. All in all, KLAUS Multiparking has a total of 147 TrendVario parking spaces spread out across three apartment buildings in Rheinauhafen.

This includes the semi-automatic TrendVario 4200 and TrendVario 4300 parking systems. The TrendVario 4200 can take one two vehicles, one stacked over the other. A pit is not required. The TrendVario 4300 system, which requires a pit, allows three vehicles to be stacked. The entry level is secured with gates composed of perforated steel plate that can only be opened after all movements have been completed. The parking spaces themselves can be shifted both horizontally and vertically. On both systems, selecting a parking space with the user interface display allows it to be moved to the desired position fully automatically.

Components of the Easy Walk platform surface made from fully closed hot-dip steel profiles were also selected. This material is ideal for everyone who values the advantages of an advanced platform surface with excellent walking and driving properties. The individual parking spaces have also been reinforced to handle heavier vehicles up to 2.6 tons. Additional parking spaces can be added later that can handle even more weight.