This house is located in the city area near by the center of Fukuoka city.
The shape of the site is long and narrow, 6m x 18m.
We designed this house not to make the shade on the north house next door,
as a result, the house with three floors shaped like ''L''.

In contrast to closed outside like a silent sculptural volume, the interior is designed well-lighted and well-opened.

At the ground floor level, we can look whole the long distance of the site through from entrance court to bedroom.
The each room is filled with light and breeze from the two courts.
The storage and bathroom are placed in the second floor, and another bedroom is in the third floor.
At third floor level, keeping a distance from the road, we can get wide range of view, from near the garden tree in the next door, to the faraway mountains.

The simple form, found by the condition of the site, has been transformed into an affluent space for living. Total floor area is 99m2.

Design team:

Kazunori Fujimoto Architect & Associates