New building with the "wow" factor

Werk 12, designed by Dutch architects MVRDV, is a spectacular addition to the Werksviertel business park in Munich, and one which really has the ‘wow’ factor. What’s more, the five-storey building’s VISS façade is even more spectacular when darkness falls thanks to the illuminated neon onomatopoeic exclamations on the side.

The architects wanted to keep the steel and glass structure as stripped back as possible. They achieved this by implementing a VISS façade with a face width of just 50 millimetres and two different construction depths: The surrounding framework, which is 120 millimetres deep, holds two posts and, at a height of three meters, one crossbar, which are just 95 millimetres deep.


MVRDV, NL/Rotterdam

N-V-O Nuyken von Oefele Architekten BDA, DE/München

Project Partners

Profilteam AS, Ingeberg/NO

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