This is a project for a well known Japanese creative brand, ISSEY MIYAKE MEN. The theme of the shop design was "consciousness within the unconscious". The core of the design was to bring the focus to the products of the brand, but yet stir out the identity of the interior itself.

We kept the materials minimal and expressed the design through form. The form dissolved its existence into the atmosphere and was as graceful as air. It was as if the products of the store were floating in midst of space. The structure of the curved stainless frames were well calculated. The transparent acrylic films were set to envelope them. The walls and the ceiling were pure white. For the lightings, we consecutively positioned the polycarbonate tube lights which were imported from Zumtobel in Austria.

From here, the products add in personality to the atmosphere. This store brings out the dignified atmosphere of ISSEY MIYAKE MEN with a pure, minimal image. By keeping a fine balance of material and form, the space creates an atmosphere with an overpowering existence which seems as if it has gone beyond the flow of time.

Ito Masaru Design Project / SEI