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Specified products

Specified products

Studio, showroom, office, think tank and place for meetings: the new studio of Hadi Teherani AG in Hamburg’s Hafencity is more than just an office – much more. White, light, transparency – modern decoration and sophisticated conception. Multifunctional yet to the point. Since April, Hadi Teherani AG, product developer of design products such as the Interstuhl range »Silver«, has had a new home, centrally located between water and street: the new studio, designed by Hadi Teherani AG, in a building in Hamburg‘s Hafencity, conceived by Hadi Teherani with BRT architects, is the kind of office that everyone dreams of.
With the bright and light flooded rooms »Am Kaiserkai«, an encompassing shell has arisen for what Hadi Teherani AG has been successfully operating since 2005 – Interior and product design, concepts from the idea to marketing. Rooms, furniture, floors and surfaces can be used diversely or changed: For example, the conference room becomes a showroom for temporary exhibitions, or a »display window« – an extraordinary stage for design productions. Due to the prominent location in the heart of the new HafenCity »Am Kaiserkai« – just round the corner from the Elbe philharmonic – the studio becomes an attractive magnet, and people interested in design and passers-by become acquainted with the Teherani world.

Changeability and the wish for interaction as a theme. »It is my aim to enliven the studio as diversely as possible, generate synergies, let the room flow from inside to outside“, says Hadi Teherani about his concept. Therefore, the whole studio is to be seen as an invitation to interaction.

Insights, outlooks, transparency on 265m² between fleet and plaster: A long and very high corridor, opened up as an »entrance hose«, in five metre high spaces, provides an inspiring and airy feeling throughout the whole studio. Openness, transparency and flexibility are the dominant themes. Generous window fronts in the showroom looking out at the Kaiserkai on the street side and the museum port on the other side, emphasise the idea of exchange and dialogue from inside to outside. Flexible interior of Interstuhl Both the conference room / showroom and all of the work places are furnished with the clear, »silver« furniture range by Interstuhl, which has been awarded with many design prizes. It characterises the new studio with its unmistakeable design statement and offers not only an aesthetic but also the perfect functional basis for all processes.

The leather cushioned »Silver«- chairs made of smooth, polished metal surfaces or wood, the table tops made of mineral Cocon, wood and glass, a multimedia sideboard and a large conference table are accents in the otherwise completely white room, which not least due to the furniture portrays the perfect symbiosis of architecture and interior.

Silver – a success story
After four years on the market Silver has already become a classic in a demanding market sector. Silver marked more than a trend, it became an icon which today can be found anywhere where importance is placed on high quality design. It succeeded in developing an office chair with a completely self contained appearance and new technology. The market recognised this very quickly and Silver has not only become an object of desire in office buildings and at home, but also on television and in films.

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