• Norse bench

    Norse bench

    H Furniture

  • Norse stool

    Norse stool

    H Furniture

  • Norse upholstered backrest chair

    Norse upholstered backrest chair

    H Furniture

The Corner Collection plays with classic geometry, taking the perfect 45° angle as its conceptual starting point. Here, the corner edges of a deceptively simple, painted table top and painted rectangular sideboard are carefully cut away at 45° to reveal naked wood and create contrast and visual interest. Continuing the mathematical motif, the table’s legs and the side of the tabletop are inclined at precisely 22.5°. Both table and sideboard are available in ten different colours, with the exposed parts finished in oiled wood. There’s a practical element too, as the collection dispenses with any dangerous sharp corners.

H furniture Ltd

  • Norse bar stool

    Norse bar stool

    H Furniture

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