Photographer: Wolfgang Stahr

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Specified products

Specified products

Design: Gisbert Pöppler

Höhe: 195cm, Basis: 40cm x 40cm
Limitierte Auflage 20 / 2 artist`s proof

"Minimal Baroque"
Everyone knows the saying, "you are what you eat", but what happens when this idea is applied to furniture, can it be what it holds? Can it become what it holds?

In June 2008, two German art & design galleries, in Munich and Wiesbaden will unveil the GP01 China Cabinet from Gisbert Pöppler. In his signature piece, a playful baroque spirit is incorporated in the sleek design, allowing this cabinet to mimic its precious contents. The GP01 "becomes" the porcelain on display.

Using ornament and texture, yet strictly reducing and refining the lines, Gisbert Pöppler has translated his idea of minimal baroque into furniture. Each piece is crafted from lacquered MDF and hand polished to achieve the solid elegance associated with fine porcelain. Within it`s sturdy structure the GP01 provides perfect shelter for treasured china while enhancing its surroundings.

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