Located in the largest shopping mall in the Nordics, Original Sokos Hotel Tripla is a big hotel that will surprise you with its cozy, home-like atmosphere.

The new Mall of Tripla in Helsinki’s Pasila neighbourhood is a massive mall with many faces. It’s a shopping centre, an entertainment centre, a train station, and the home and workplace of thousands of people. The idea was to create a hotel that was literally the opposite of the hustle and bustle of its busy surroundings.

Fyra set out to tackle the challenge together with the design agency Werklig. The strategy centred on the idea of creating a hotel that, despite its massive proportions, was actually human-sized at heart. The result was a stylish and timeless hotel built on a sense of community and designed to feel like its own village.

The hotel lobby opens up into the mall with a bar and cafe. The communal and homey feel extends from the public spaces all the way to the rooms. With 430 rooms, the Hotel Tripla is definitely large for Finland, but it doesn’t feel at all like a big hotel.

These days it goes without saying that sustainable development was part of the design process from the start. Both the materials used and the style choices made have to stand the test of time. The hotel has no unnecessary elements at all.

The hotel embodies modern Scandinavian design, which centres around light and light colours. Homage was paid to the environment of Pasila by using concrete, and inspiration was also drawn from the concept of grids.

The Tripla project aimed to use new solutions to solve some of the most typical hotel problems, while also questioning the conventions of hotel design. The result is a range of new furniture solutions and floor plans, as well as new technical solutions designed to handle high volume and consumption. Cooperation with a local artists’ collective and Finnish villages enhanced the village-like feel.

It took a large number of professionals to complete a project as big ­as the Hotel Tripla – from architects to carpenters and everyone in between. And it took an extra amount of successful collaborations to build a place that’s not just a hotel but a community.

Design Team: