Unique, grand and simply overwhelming. Four colossal interior pivot doors in a prominent place in a magnificent building. Held in place by only one small floor plate.

All hinges are invisibly hidden in the doors. The pivoting doors in the Atrium building weigh 500kg each, but are put into motion with just a touch of the finger.
With FritsJurgens Concealed Pivot Hinge

The new interior of the Atrium Building in Amsterdam was redesigned by MVSA Architects in 2017. The 500Kg doors were built by Harryvan Interieur. Elegance, bearing capacity and functionality seamlessly come together in the interior design in general and specifically in the pivoting walls of the Atrium building. MVSA Architect integrated FritsJurgens System 3 in the massive pivoting doors, giving the pivot doors full 360 degree rotation and hold positions at every 90 degrees. When closed, the pivot doors function as beautiful room dividers. When opened, the pivot doors transform into the grand entrance as displayed in the video’s.

Each pivoting door rests on a very small floor plate, which is held in place by two bolts of only 8mm high. This eliminates the need for structural elements in the floor. It is very easy to implement the concealed FritsJurgens pivot hinge systems into both new as existing projects. The FritsJurgens concealed pivot hinges have a load-bearing capacity up to 500Kg. The concealed pivot hinges are designed to stand the test of time and can handle these massive weights with ease. Download our product brochures for more technical information.

MVSA Architecten

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