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    Swoon Chair + Ottoman

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11 Howard by Fredericia Furniture | Manufacturer references

Photographer: Connie Zhou

11 Howard by Fredericia Furniture | Manufacturer references ×
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    Spine Lounge Petit

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11 Howard, a 207-room boutique hotel in New York City’s fashionable SoHo district, combines cutting-edge Scandinavian design with socially conscious hyperlocalism. More than just an ideal vantage point for downtown exploration, the property is an art spectacle in itself and a community hub partnered with a range of local businesses and nonprofits. 11 Howard describes its raison d’etre as “conscious hospitality”, which begins with the property’s design—a collaborative creation between Anda Andrei of Anda Andrei Design and influential Danish firm Space Copenhagen—then extends to its intuitive, discreet flow of service, which incorporates technology for self-check-in and smart room service delivery.

11 Howard’s concept of “conscious hospitality” begins with its massive redesign by the hotel’s creative director and founder of Anda Andrei Design, Anda Andrei and Space Copenhagen, the multidisciplinary Danish design studio responsible for the interior of Noma, frequently called the world’s best restaurant.
The design team gutted a characterless structure built in 1961 and reinvented the space with a dose of Scandinavian minimalism. More than merely appearing Scandinavian, the hotel embraces Scandinavian ideals—lightness, honesty, utility, and durability. With an emphasis on long-term function, in addition to form, 11 Howard is intentionally not trendy; its goal is to endure and even to improve with time. “It’s not about being fashionable or trendy,” Andrei explains. “It’ll never feel dated.”

Oak-plank floors and soft natural bamboo area rugs complement custom furniture and lighting exclusively designed for the hotel by Signe Bindslev Henriksen & Peter Bundgaard Rützou.
Among the pieces created by Space Copenhagen guests can enjoy a drink or just relax in lounge chairs and bar stools from the luxurious Spine collection as well as the sumptuous Swoon lounge chair adorning the lounge, lobby and bar area at 11 Howard.

The colour scheme chosen by Space Copenhagen reflects the overall atmosphere of the interior with its subtle natural, warm and dark hues creating comfort and coziness beyond expectations.

Space Copenhagen

  • Spine Barstool

    Spine Barstool

    Fredericia Furniture

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