”According to his function as a pioneer and catalyst of creative impulse on society, the designer has to be willing to accomplish his inner mission even without a clearly drawn track to follow.” These days, straight résumés are becoming increasingly rare. Why not start on a new groove… one off the beaten track. Sometimes the short cut is the road less travelled..

Take the bent cross-country skies and go for a
ride on the concrete track. Reflect on your own career path while taking one lap after the other.

Are you obstinately following the easy path?
Is your career running in a safe track?
Are you running around in circles?
Can you benefit from what you learn each round?
Maybe you should at some point leave the beaten track and find your own path.

LAUFBAHN™ was shown for the first time at Designmai 2006 in Berlin and was developed and built by the two Berlin based design agencies blackjune and formfjord, who united for this project. 36 massive concrete slabs and the first ever bent skies are made to attract the crowd and initiate lively discussion.