The Polynesian-inspired Hurricane Club was created in partnership with designers AvroKO and Fourth Wall Restaurants. The 10,000 square foot space includes dining and lounge areas, and up to five flexible private dining areas, affording opportunities for events of any size. The dramatically lit space transports guests from the streets of New York into an elegant Polynesian supper club, filled with curiosities.

Guests arrive through the entry vestibule whose white walls and soft lighting cleanse the visual palette of New York’s bustle and prepare the patron for what lies beyond the sizeable, wood and brass doors. Through the doors lies The Hurricane Room, which brings to Colonial tiki-inspired concept to life. The centrally located bar is crowned by a crystal chandelier, layered with gold chain, that adds a glittering touch of elegance. Light grazes the rattan wall panels that surround the room, adding warmth and texture, and creating a sense of unity.

The surrounding lounges offer a more intimate setting, each adding a unique spin on the central theme. The Volcano Room’s red lacquered walls are dramatically lit, while the Lagoon Lounge presents a more sedate environment that achieves a sense of intrigue through playful proportions and the unexpected, shell-adorned chandeliers. The Cave Rooms feature low, dark lacquered ceiling panels and are dotted with glowing red glass fixtures throughout.

Fourth Wall Restaurants