At the beginning, everything started with this small walk.
A pinery, during an afternoon summer in the French south-east.
The brown skin of Pines bodies was giving off incredibles sluggish droplets, whose shines through the sunlight.

Different interrogations on this material have been done. Historical and chemicals researches were the departure point of my work on this rough material. The aspects, components and complexity of this element, pushed-me up to workout on five products purposes. Everyone is a result based on the rosin exploration, using each a singular property. The cheese covers are part of the issue.

From those observations, the project aim, have been managing thoughts around sustainability and eco-friendly ways : non-contaminating for our natural and social environments.
The processes developed to produce the differents objects give a valorized status by uncontrolled results ways : imperfections as a unique material identity and aesthetic dimension.

"Cheese covers and trays",
Limited edition of 25 sets, signed.
(two Cheeses covers, Small and Large + Two wooden trays)

Using anti-bacterial and fungicidal particularities of the pine rosin.
What place in our contemporaries life for old fashioned cheese preservation ? Nowadays we used to think food preservation using fridge. This purpose use the anti-bacterial substance contained inside the rosin. By this way, your traditional cheese can stay longer in the maturity stage you like ever, without either stopped the cheese process to get old. Those covers can be used with three different wooden trays, each one with a unique characteristics.

- Cedar: strong perfumed. recommended for persons who wants their cheese flavored and longer preserved.
- Cherry: Aesthetic tray for smooth and delicate taste.
- Hornbeam: neutral tray. it do not carry any additional smells.

fabien barrero+carsenat