Effe teams up with QC Terme in New York

QC Terme Spas and Resorts has opened its latest spa - QC NY - in the unique setting of Governors Island, its first project outside Europe which was seven years in the making and involved architectural and landscape work, as well as sympathetic conservation of the original historical buildings.

The New York spa – with its high-end Italian fittings and details – marks the brand’s first foray into the US market. Founded by Andrea and Saverio Quadrio Curzio in 1998 and today the biggest Italian name in the industry, the QC Terme brand has ten prestigious facilities including wellness centres, spas and resorts throughout Italy and France.

Built in one of the former Victorian military barracks on the island and designed by Robert D. Henry Architects of New York, the spa occupies three buildings on the northern-most tip of the island, set in 4000 square metres of grounds.
The atmosphere is that of an urban sanctuary, offering a truly relaxing and regenerating experience in a one-of-a-kind setting. Each of the buildings houses different spa rituals, including pools with panoramic views, hydro jets, hammams, saunas, relaxation areas and gardens with jaw-dropping views of Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge.

Effe for QC Terme

An ever-more important partner in prestigious site specific international projects, Effe was extensively involved in the QC NY project, in collaboration with the Perfect Wellness Group, Effe’s official North America distributor. The presence of its local partner helped ensure the smooth running of the project from logistics to installation, including its after-sales support, a key aspect of Effe’s corporate philosophy and one of its assets worldwide.

Effe was commissioned to build two hammams and five saunas for the spa. Every space, each with a different identity, spa experience and design, was custom designed to meet the project brief, effortlessly merging the interior with the exterior location.

The hammams
Effe hammams are cubicles with humid heat which use sophisticated technologies to create 90-100% humidity and temperatures of around 40-50°C both safely and efficiently.
Effe also installed the EPS (expanded polystyrene) structure and the steam generators in both the hammams in the QC Terme New York project.
The two hammams are equipped with Effe’s high-power Nuvola Smart Power generator, which combines the most sophisticated technology available today – including innovative consumption and function controls – with a crisp, essential design. Effe Tuttovetro Inside doors were also custom built in stainless steel and 8 mm toughened glass to ensure the utmost safety for users and stop the heat and steam escaping.
ONE THOUSAND AND ONE NIGHTS is a stunning hammam lit up with LED lights that give the impression of sitting outside under a starry sky.
SCOTTISH ROOM is named after the tartan covering on the walls.
The saunas
Styled on Scandinavian saunas traditionally appreciated for their wellbeing benefits, Effe sauna cubicles with dry heat are made of top-quality wood and fitted with special heaters which keep the temperature constant (85-100° C with 20% humidity at the most). The five saunas commissioned by QC Terme New York were custom designed with different materials, finishes and interiors to provide visitors with five unique wellbeing experiences inspired by the NYC location. The heaters are certified by IQM and CSA, the leading certification body in North America.
BOTANIC SAUNA was custom built in cedar, a sturdy, stable and heat-resistant wood. When warmed up, it releases essential oils whose natural fragrances have aromatherapy benefits.
SAUNA AND THE CITY is built in natural heat-treated Aspen with large windows affording a stunning view. The wooden 3D motif of the New York skyline on the walls brings the city even closer to the spa experience.
PARK SAUNA is light and airy, thanks to the pale, natural, heat-treated Aspen, the windows overlooking the island and the walls decorated with glimpses of New York through the trees in Central Park.
SO CLOSE YET SO FAR, built in Canadian hemlock, features a bow window with a stunning view of the Victorian buildings in the complex.
MOUNTAIN STUBE is a more classical take on the Alpine sauna with a traditional central heater. Made of Swedish pine, its dramatic design, with an octagonal footprint and large windows, allows the light to flood in.
The QC NY project is further endorsement of Effe’s leadership position in the US market. Its involvement in the NYC spa has led to a number of high-profile projects, including the partnership with the prestigious Ritz Carlton Hotel & Residences, Broadway, where Effe will install two collective and 48 ensuite spas in the hotel, all powered by Easysteam steam generators.


Robert D. Henry Architects

  • Nuvola Smart Power

    Nuvola Smart Power