Counter System that will change your shop: Dobas AG presents reasons why.

Dobas developed a counter concept that allows to create branded corners without giving up your corporate shop design. The concept applied in Shop Architecture does not lead to high expenses when introducing a new brand or discontinuing a brand.

1. Individual Design: Front and side panels in custom design easy exchangeable.
2. Illumination: LED spot lights or linear light. At any time easy exchangeable.
3. Base plinth: In custom design and height of display adjustable by base plinth.
4. Backlight logo: Prepared section for backlighting a logo on the front panel or any decorative, backlight element.
5. Advertising facility: Showcase pull out drawers on invisible track system offers the opportunity to place an advertisement. Change the face of a showcase for special season.
6. Individual storage: Open niche with adjustables shelves. Lockable/non-lockable doors and drawers. To meet individual need.