The stove tile design "Berlin" was made in collaboration with two market leading companies, Brunner and Kaufmann Keramik. It is a reinterpretation of one special traditional stove tile, which was widely used in Germany in the middle of the last century. A traditional ceramic stove gives off heat through its surface, and these tiles enhanced this effect through their enlarged surface. This tile was thick, with a three-dimensional circle pattern, quite big and painted in colours like dark green or dark brown.

The approach was to keep the function of this tile and to convert it to fit into modern interiors. Instead of painting it in colours, it was attractive to work with the generally larger thickness of a stove tile and search for unique aesthetics only applicable to stove tiles. It is not possible to achieve this strong optical illusion with kitchen or bathroom tiles as there is simply not enough usable material, they are too thin.

The interplay between different optical structures and materialities on the surface of the oven is the crucial design element. Viewed up close, the shadow play of the geometrical pattern resolves into a fine structure of dots which makes the design very lively and constantly changing with the light.

Design team:

Daniel Becker Design Studio

Photographer: Sebastian Gabsch

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