• dade JAPAN | dade JAPAN concrete table

    dade JAPAN | dade JAPAN concrete table

    Dade Design AG concrete works Beton

The well-known Shinsen AG has implemented a piece of Tokyo in the middle of Zurich with the MARU restaurant concept. Both architecturally and culinary, the reduced-simple designed restaurant is a refreshment for the ShopVille, Plaza and Zurich main station.

Zurich residents and travelers enjoy the Japanese specialty Donburi there. These colorful rice bowls are served with fresh ingredients for each guest to a real Japanese taste experience. No frills, no additives, with a dash of elegance.

MARU – the “circle” – is reflected in the corporate architecture concept for which Mint Architecture is responsible. Material, color and form are inspired by Japanese culture. Dade Design produced the key elements from velvety-smooth dade ROC concrete: almost regally, a 10-meter-long and 5,000-kg concrete table modeled on T-steel beams invites guests to gyudon, katsu-don, karaa-gedon, chriashidon and, of course, veggie donburi and soups. Casually stylish, it is complemented by 22 cement tubes that have been transformed into concrete stools with integrated cherry wood inserts. Other tables, stools, benches, round wall elements as well as a solitaire vanity column come from our Swiss concrete design manufactory in the Rhine Valley.

The dade design team stands for the realization of the highest standards in concrete design, including furniture pieces and free forms in the millimeter range.

Thanks to the team of Mint Architecture for the collaboration and the great commission MARU by Shinsen AG.



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