Product description
The PL Series is Collaboration’s début collection, a striking addition to the world of planters. With exceptionally fluid lines, these planters offer an irregular silhouette and a strongly relieved surface. Created by Marie Khouri, the PL Series may be used indoor or outdoor. Made of either light-weight concrete or fiberglass, in a number of custom colors, each unit shows the subtle traces of hand-casting. They are offered in six variations of scale and proportions.

All of the PL Series is hand-cast upon order by Vancouver-based craftsmen. They are available in two distinctive materials:

Light-weight concrete
(GFRC) Being reinforced with glass fibers, GFRC allows for products half the weight of those made with regular concrete. It is also more resilient to torsion and impact. GFRC products are cast as a single shell with an interior surface displaying a rougher finish.

Proprietary Fiberglass
Fiberglass is ideal for situations where weight is an issue. Moreover, fiberglass products possess an inside, slightly tapering shell, which adds to their practicality. Color is embedded in the outer layer thus minimizing the visual effects of minor scratches and chips. Finish is matte or lacquered.

Design team:

Marie Khouri for Collaboration