“LE STYLOBATE …”With the new collection of Cédric Canaud bodies are showed and presented like moving images. The second collection of this young designer is dedicated this time to the ‘seated’, collective or individual. The collection creates a gathering point and pushes forward the "in common" or "in parallel". Thought and made by assembling objects and space, the collection “Le Stylobate … “ is composed of 5 elements interrelated answering to one question or a need and linked to the seated of the installed body, resting or in activity.

Contained "in common" or "in parallel", every piece is developed individually and at the same time linked to his neighbour form accomplice. They assemble to form the wanted space… So, the “Stylobate” base is in Mdf tinted in the mass and plywood has to be installed, alone. It remains raw and to be completed. We can then add, for example: “Un bloc d’Hérodote”, backrest or armrest with a leather handle, Mdf tinted, agglomerated foam and a cover of wool felt, that will form the backrest and armrests, you can then continue the assembly of the pieces and so on.

“Le stylobate” is perched on feet of 45cm high. It’s proposed in 2 lengths, 100cm and 150cm, to settle in alone or with others Other elements such “Le Reposant”, articulated carbon foam mattress covered with a silicone skin, creates flexible seating surfaces either on the “Le stylobate” or on the floor. The last two elements are forms of agreement of comfort improvement: “La Tête” is a cushion with random forms made of extracted blocs, rubbles of a mousse bloc that memorises forms tinted in the mass, on which we apply a wooden rivet in order to pass a climbing cord to simulate a handle.

And finally, “Les plis” plaid with two different size: a little one for the knees made of a folded wool felt sheet and fixed on its diagonal and another one much bigger for the legs also in folded wool felt sheet but this time fixed on the horizontal.

Cedric Canaud