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Work on the apartment near the Diagonal Mar park with spectacular sea views from the eighteenth floor was completed in August 2016. The layout of the apartments did not quite fit the new owners, and the designer, architect and builders faced the task of reconstructing the apartment's premises to ensure the most comfortable stay of the owner and his bride during the Barcelona vacation.

The mood of the interior is set by a LiveEdge floor of solid Oak Natural, the boards of which repeat the natural lines of the living tree. Everything in the interior contributes to the penetration of light rays: glass and steel structures, mirrors, rhythmic shutters, furniture on thin legs and decor objects. Over the sofa in the living room are the canvases from the collection of Stones contemporary Spanish artist Jon Errazu. The master bathroom and the bedroom are joined by a glass shower enclosure, from which, relaxing under an artificial waterfall, the hosts can admire the view of the city and mountains on the horizon from a bird's eye view. The bed is a viewing platform, where in the evenings the sun is escorted.


Richard La Ruin

Design team:

Honestly Designed Interiors
Lilya Koscheeva and Maria Stepanova

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