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Tucked away in the middle of the German wine country of Rhineland is a small yet bustling town of Deidesheim, which in spite of its small population of 3800 pulls in over a hundred thousand visitors during high season and boasts an impressive variety of lodging options. One of the more decorous local hotels is the Kaisergarten, which opened its doors in 2013, bringing a gust of fresh air to the town without losing a hint of its traditional ambience. The restaurant of the hotel is the pearl in the shell with its calming earthy tones, ample lighting and an oaken floor with curves that don't quit.

The white sapwood linings in the Oak Natural floorboards accentuate the wood's natural curves, which in union with the carefully selected decorations and lighting create a dynamic within the restaurant that is sure to please the eye while the culinary oeuvres and the trove of local wines pamper the senses.


Ketschauer Hof · Hotel & Restaurant GmbH

Design team:

ARP Architekten

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