KilometroRosso Science Technology Park rises on a wide green area directly facing motorway A4 nearby Bergamo. Clearly inspired by world of Formula 1, the red wall is built of extruded aluminium sheets, and runs for 1000 meters along the motorway, separating the car park from the green area on the back.
The guideline set up by Nouvel accurately plans the development of the structure, leaving freedom to other subjects that will settle in the new area to appoint different architects in order to freely design the buildings that will be scattered in the green of the park. Studio Blast co-ordinates the operating phases to realize KilometroRosso, caring for the relation between the needs of the company River S.p.a., promoter of the initiative and Jean Nouvel’s Atelier, author of the entire Science Park masterplan. Starting from the draft of the preliminary document according to the planning, the co-ordination phases have followed the complex path of the creating development of the new scientific technological park - identifying data and specifications of the Customers, and forwarding them to Jean Nouvel’s Atelier, enhancing the project progresses, to support the execution phases.