After a planning and construction phase of only four months, the seven-easy restaurant in Ascona opened on 18.04.2008. Situated on the waterfront, it commands a wonderful view of Lake Maggiore.
The open design of the cooking area reinforces for the guest the feeling of being in the middle of the kitchen. There is the opportunity to eat sitting at long, solid wood tables, or standing at tables made from trunks of wood, and even directly at the kitchen food bar. Wall panelling made from sawn tree-trunks, stacked wine crates, blackboard walls, and as the dominating creative element, the ceiling with rows of suspended, roughly sawn wooden planks, result in a material concept which forms the authentic effect of the space.
With the exception of the suspended lamps and the lighting over the tables for standing at, no additional illumination is noticed. The space achieves its special atmosphere only through light and shadow effects.