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The project required the integration of two independently operating businesses – a real estate gallery and a showroom for high-end shoes – within one older commercial building. Their premises are completely separate, and connected by doors. Thus the clients are able to operate both business units independently from each other, though they are still somewhat joined.

The display of high-end, hand-made shoes demands an environment that shows these luxury products to best advantage. Thus, the room‘s „luxury bare brickwork“ has been treated only with varnish. By contrast, the white fixtures are perfectly manufactured and appeal to the customer through their colour and simplicity. As room divider and ceiling sail, they absorb noise. The shoes are displayed on beautifully finished oak, and the lighting can be adjusted to different circumstances. Overall, the atmosphere exudes a comfortable feeling of spaciousness that creates an impression of refinement.

Design team:

Arndt Geiger Herrmann AG

Specified products

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