Like in the last years, on the 5th of November 2010 the 10th Germersheimer Kultur and Museums Nacht took place.
Apart from the other events which were distributed in the whole city, the main act of this night was the illumination of the Ludwigstor. This historical, 72 meters long monument was built up to 1834 together with the fortifications.
Today the gate accommodates the historical important town-and-fortress-museum on square 1500.

The lighting-designer-team Andrea Nusser and Johannes Henn immersed the Ludwigstor in a blue light together with their field-tested team.
Starting with the former outside part of the monument, which includes the wooden bridge, projectors from Derksen projected big historical motives on the facade. The city Germersheim elected the motto: „Germersheim emanates history“. (Germersheim strahlt Geschichte aus“.)

The statues next to the entrance gate where lighted dramatically with narrow beams from the bottom.
The blue beaming facade floodlights from Sill, blue T5 lights in the apertures of the windows, all with additional blue filters, intensified the impression of a fabulous dream world.
The turfy open space (with grass) in front of the facade was decorated with candles in big lanterns. An excellent catering service acting in warm-white illuminated pagoda tents as well as a dynamic music group playing inspiring sounds were perfectly underlining this atmosphere.

The (treading) crossing of the gate with its historical cross vaults was architectural illuminated by warm-white low voltage spots and emphasized by thin fabrics. So the gate became a real light gate.

The inside of the Ludwigstor disembogues in 3 gates: the main gate and 2 side gates. Historical pictures about the history of the Ludwigstor where projected with a power point presentation on the facade. Suitable (compatible) to these pictures, anecdotes were told. These were illustrated by historic characters dressed up in historic clothes making shadow play behind curtains of the side gates on the right and the left.
The town side of the gate was immersed as well in blue light produced by 6 LED-Move-lines of Aldabra and floodlights from iGuzzini

Andrea Nusser Lighting & Interior Design