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The new administration building for Sparkasse Werra-Meißner in Eschwege was completed in January 2013. It complements the brickwork building of the main offices, constructed in 1978, and the adjacent building with its Gründerzeit architecture from the 19th century. The customer lobby and all other departments of the main offices have gradually been remodeled in recent years as part of the aptly named program “Kurs Zukunft” (Setting a Course for the Future). The architect and interior design firm Bredt & Partner from Darmstadt, Germany, provided the overall concept. The firm designed an open office concept in order to better improve internal communications channels. To do so, the measures improving the acoustic properties played a significant role. The COLOR FIELDS family with the YOYO suspension system offers flexible and effective zoning options for the individual work spaces, which are rounded off by the COLOR FIELDS adhesive adapter solution for glass surfaces. The divisions between floors are effectively accentuated through a bright selection of colors creating different color zones: red/fuchsia/violet and red/orange/yellow.

Project // Erweiterungsbau Hauptstelle Eschwege (Friedrich-Wilhelm-Straße 40-42, 37269 Eschwege)
Client // Sparkasse Werra- Meißner in Eschwege
Industry // Banks
Year of realisation // 2013
Architecture and interior design // Bredt & Partner GbR
Photographer // Bernd Kusber, Bremen / Stefan Schilling, Köln

Panel system // COLOR FIELDS – modular design acoustic system
Design // MONO
Size // 60x240 / 60x180
Mounting // on glass walls, freely suspended from ceiling

Field of use // Open Space Office
Color concept // Orange and Fuchsia tones in combination with the corporate color red

Sparkasse Werra-Meißner in Eschwege

Architektur & Innenarchitektur // Bredt & Partner GbR

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