Unopiù: the company that has revolutionized outdoor taste
Unopiù was founded in Italy in 1978, in an area which is historically connected to gardens, with the objective of giving dignity to outdoor areas, furnishing them with the same style and taste which had previously been reserved for interior design. A revolution of Italian taste and design, initially through the catalogue and direct sales, then through a widespread distribution of Unopiù shops. In this way Unopiù has become the market leader for outdoor furnishings in Europe.

The Unopiù Catalogue: an exceptional magazine
The Unopiù Catalogue, issued in 6 languages and with 1 million copies printed every year, has been transformed over the years from the main sales instrument to becoming essential support for marketing and communications. The 2015 Catalogue has undergone a radical and definitive transformation, from sales instrument it has become a true magazine, rich with innovation and 6 stimulating short atmospheric stories especially written to present Unopiù’s own concept of the “ideal home” .

Over 2,000 Products
Unopiù is the only company in the sector able to offer clients a “total look” for the outdoors. This characteristic makes Unopiù unique. It is the only company able to offer a range of over 2,000 articles of furnishing and garden structures vastly diverse in type, style and materials. To satisfy all esthetic requirements, the offer ranges from classic to contemporary, from teak to Nordic pine, from iron to fibre, from aluminium to cord…. Unopiù eternally seeking to create the perfect marriage between quality and design as well as excellence of materials in order to guarantee permanence even under adverse meteorological conditions. Thanks to Unopiù, endless options are available to create and personalize life in the outdoors, where one can create one’s own special environment dedicated to relaxation and the pleasures of life.

35 years in Retail
The first Unopiù shop opened in 1980 in Soriano nel Cimino, where the company has its eadquarters. Since then many shops have been opened in both Italy and abroad. The first in France in Paris in 1995, followed by Germany and Spain, the other main European markets.

39 Unopiù shops
The sales network has grown exponentially over recent years and today there are 29 shops directly managed by Unopiù in the most important Italian and European cities. Just to name a few: Rome, Milan, Bologna, Naples, Paris, Cannes, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin and Madrid.
Since 2012 the Unopiù sales network has further developed through franchising, resulting in the opening of another 11 exclusive shops in the world: Ile de la Reunion, Croatia, Slovenia, etc… Investment due to the brand’s universal appeal, making Unopiù an ever more international company. The widespread network of showrooms allows Unopiù clients to verify quality first hand and to choose how best to personalize their outdoor areas with the help of specialized personnel.

1st Display Concept for outdoor living
In 2013 Unopiù instituted a totally new display Concept to highlight Unopiù product potential and company image. This Concept was also developed for Franchising, so as to create a uniform company image worldwide. Our architects have wisely designed various Structural products (racks, platforms, desks, technical display areas, panels, Ral dividers) as well as Decorative products (logo, images, signs, abacus, decal) ensuring the Unopiù Concept remains flexible, elegant and unique, with even the finest detail carefully considered
while minimalizing costs