TECE was founded in 1955 and its roots lie in practice: The corporate group originated from an engineering office – and the typical engineering culture of asking questions has continued in the company until today: Can this be done better, faster, more easily – more attractively?

With its range of products and services, TECE covers all building service applications: from pipe systems and flushing technology through to drainage technology and grease separators.

TECE products are manufactured in five production plants and are sold throughout the world. The TECE group employs 900 people worldwide.

TECE is a mid-size, owner-managed company with an international strategy. The corporate culture is one of long-term, controlled growth – with a philosophy of closeness to the customer.

90 percent of our products do their job unnoticed behind walls or in curtain wall installations over many years – invisibly and reliably. We see this as the core competence of our system solutions: Safe and reliable function guaranteed for many years.

In the remaining 10 percent of cases, the users get to see our solutions: As a push plate for the toilet flush, a shower channel or drain grate, flush handle or stainless steel eye controlling the urinal flush. We pay particular attention to these interfaces with the architecture.

We not only adhere unreservedly to Sullivan’s statement that form must follow function, we also always offer design solutions that can integrate into the architecture. Examples of this include the push plates mounted flush to the wall, or the tileable shower channel.

The building service applications in the wall must function smoothly and reliably. The same applies for the visible operating elements, such as toilet push plates and drainage channels. Our aim is to offer presentable and aesthetic design in all price categories and keep everything compatible with the other elements of the technical development. A good example of this is the flush handle that supplements the fittings ranges of renowned European manufacturers using a matching design.