At Misewell, we never take ourselves too seriously. We create honest furniture with a fresh perspective, and love what we do. Misewell was established in 2008 by Vincent(30) and Paul(28) Georgeson. We think of ourselves as an independent furniture company; meaning we typically don’t work for clients. This is rare and has its challenges, but being in control of design and manufacturing gives us ultimate freedom. This freedom allows us to efficiently make decisions based on our own design philosophy.

Our intent is to introduce furniture without a “time stamp“. Ideally, people should approach Misewell furniture and wonder when it was produced. To accomplish this, we generally manufacture using materials and processes that have been available since the industrial revolution. The current processes are more sophisticated, but the end products have very similar characteristics. Domestic production plays a significant role in sustainable design. The furniture is built to a quality standard that will last for ages, using appropriate/local materials, and eliminating the need for overseas shipping. It just feels right to support the US economy and job market by using local resources. Establishing great relationships and collaborating with our manufacturers is an integral part of our design and development process.
At Misewell, we aim to avoid following trends, because we’d prefer that our furniture never go out of style. Our furniture is built to last and we hope our customers appreciate the design for the life of the product. Throughout our design process we are influenced and inspired by everything around us. We are infatuated with the research and development phases of our design process. From material and ecological research to ergonomics and ease of assembly. The discoveries we make in these phases are fundamental to creating successful products.

With a firm commitment to responsible design, Misewell product is exclusively manufactured in the USA. This is critical in creating high quality furniture with little environmental impact. Using trusted materials and manufacturing processes in unexpected ways gives each piece a genuine, timeless feel. Locally grown maple and walnut hardwoods are a readily available and long lasting resource.
We collaborate with our manufacturers as much as possible, their wealth of knowledge is an invaluable asset to our design process. This is one of many reasons we choose to manufacture domestically.
Solid wood, steel, and aluminum are the materials of focus for the 2009 collection. These materials have a timeless beauty and durability. They are not the only materials in the collection, and will not be the focus for all furniture. We look forward to exploring different materials and studying new production techniques and processes.

Why start a company named MISEWELL?
We couldn’t think of any reasons not to… so we figured… Misewell.

The Georgeson brothers grew up south of Milwaukee, in Racine, WI. At an early age, they spent hours observing and assisting their father in the family workshop. The shop was housed in a two car garage fueled by a wood-burner and various hand-me-down tools. These times helped shape their decision to become industrial design students at the University of Wisconsin Stout, a five hour drive from home. The two had a three year overlap at university and spent many of the long journeys discussing the possibilities of furniture design, and the potential of designing their own furniture line.
After graduating, Vincent worked in the Milwaukee area with multiple product design and point of purchase firms. Each experience has given him a unique, new perspective on the potential of furniture design. In the past seven years he has exhibited furniture at various shows in Milwaukee and Chicago.
Paul spent his first two years out of school working for a product design firm in Massachusetts. He then moved back to the Midwest to work for a Minneapolis based furniture design company. Both opportunities greatly expanded his manufacturing knowledge and design sense.
In 2008, they finally teamed up to pursue their dream. With Vincent in Milwaukee, and Paul in Minneapolis, dialogue between the two remains constant; weekend road trips, evening phone calls, and weekly video conferences keep things in motion. The two look forward to working in the same studio in the near future. The brothers hope to play a small role in improving the perception of American furniture design. To accomplish this, they feel it’s necessary to maintain a timeless aesthetic in combination with a well made, durable product. The furniture is simple, honest and functional.
Misewell, as described by Design Boom- "combines streamlined aesthetics with a kind of retro industrial feel.”