Callipyge | Pink

WC from Trone, Designed by Romain Freychet, Antoine Prax

Product description

Ceramic; Wood; Inox

available in many colors

56,85 x 41,7 x 37,8 (in centimeters)


Wall-hung WC; Rimless Bowl; Seat & Lid with Soft Close; Water-Saving Flush (3L & 6L); Compliant with PRM Standards


Callipyge is a wall-hung toilet with an innovative and asymmetrical shape. Thanks to its sculptural silhouette and multiple colour finishes, Callipyge turns the toilet into a decorative piece on its own right.

Callipyge, coming from Greek “kállos” ("beauty”) and “pugé” (“buttocks”), with no other meaning than "who has beautiful buttocks", is the first asymmetrical toilet ever seen before.

Its three-level ceramic tiering, echoing the Antique tiers, brings structure and character to the space in which Callipyge is installed. An exceptional piece for an inimitable style.

As for its finishes, Callipyge is available in a range of ten original colors: white, pink, black, blue, cream, peach, flaked green, flaked blue, blue & white, and shaded blue; to match all interiors.

More about this product

Categorised in Bathroom fixtures - WC - Toilets.
Part of the collection WALL-HUNG WC.
Manufacturer Trone
Family Callipyge
Architonic ID 20278215
Year of Launch 2021

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