MCZ Group was established in 1975 in Pordenone (Friuli) as an entrepreneurial initiative by Silvio Zanette and it has demonstrated with enthusiasm and dynamism how to grow from an artisan-based activity to an industrial concern. Today, Silvio's son Giacomo Zanette is at the helm of the company and his objective is the same as it was at the outset: to create high-quality products for domestic heating and outdoor cooking, with a significant focus on investments in innovative technology.

With a head office spanning a surface area of 168,000 m2 and a workforce of 300 employees, the company produces over 150,000 products each year, including stoves, fireplaces and barbecues, which are then distributed to over 35 different countries across the world.

Having completed a series of strategic acquisitions in 2012, the MCZ group confirms its ranking as one of the major European players in the biomass heating industry, offering one of the broadest range of products on the market and indeed representing all the different spirits linked to the world of fire.

The spirit of innovation and design
The MCZ brand includes pellet- and wood-burning stoves and fireplaces which all share the same DNA: innovation and design. MCZ products focus on important concepts such as optimising efficiency and consequently cutting costs, two aspects which are improved year after year, owing to ongoing research and the strictest product tests. In the 1990s, MCZ was one of the first companies to introduce the pellet system, in its strong belief in the potential of a fuel with clear practical benefits. MCZ recently introduced innovative patents on to the market, such as Active, smart technology which allows the product to adapt to any type of pellet, and Comfort Air, a ducting system that enables a single appliance to heat several rooms concurrently.

A special focus on the design of its products has set MCZ apart from its competitors, introducing a minimal and Nordic look to the world of pellet and firewood heating. In 2011, the MCZ Toba stove was awarded the IF Design Award, a significant acknowledgement which confirms the company's dedication to increasingly demanding customers who insist on a distinguishing touch even in products used for heating. As regards pellets in particular, MCZ research is working on achieving an increasingly attractive and natural flame, which resembles that of burning wood and which is capable of affording the same magical effect and warmth.

The green spirit of technology
Red is the MCZ Group's brand for the renewable energy sector, which specialises in biomass systems (pellet stoves, pellet and wood boilers, remote tanks for boilers) and solar systems (panels, cylinders, control units). All these products stand out for their simple use, high performance levels, reliability and competitive pricing. The “Red 365 System” complements traditional energy systems to produce energy from the sun and from biomass. The system can be accurately configured according to the number of people in the family unit, the size of the home and lifestyle, helping to increase comfort in the home and keep heating costs low. Created in 2011, the Red brand is witnessing a growth in demand year after year, offering solutions to those who care about the environment, as well as to those who appreciate the savings guaranteed by alternative systems, thanks also to the tax abatements available in many countries.

The spirit of artisanal tradition
Acquired in 2012, Sergio Leoni is an excellent brand, producing ceramic storage stoves, top-quality products, finely crafted and built to stand the test of time. In 2013, the Leoni brand was relaunched with a brand new, appealing and prestigious look, with a history that dates back to the 20th Century and traditions from the finest Italian manufacturing.