TECU® is the brand name for quality roof and façade copper manufactured by KME.
The different TECU® surfaces available – the traditional copper red TECU® Classic, the dark brown, pre-oxidised TECU® Oxid, the green pre-patinated TECU® Patina, the matt grey, tinned TECU® Zinn, the superior, reddish golden TECU® Brass and reddish brown TECU® Bronze – satisfy the highest demands of modern architecture for high levels of functionality and aesthetic appearance.

KME is the international industrial concern of KME Group in the world of metal processing. KME has implemented a new organization to ensure a stronger leading team for the global challenges.

KME is the world’s largest manufacturer of semi-finished copper and copper alloy products (excluding copper wire). With deep roots in the industrial history of several European countries, KME is today a united and competitive enterprise, a leader on an international scale.

The industrial concern boasts fourteen production sites strategically located in the five European countries with the largest semi-finished product markets, as well as in China. With a widespread sales network over five continents, it is fully able to satisfy the needs of its customers throughout the world.

KME has taken to heart the themes of social responsibility: quality, environment, safety, solidarity and innovation are ongoing commitments.