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TECU® Gold_mesh | Material
TECU®_mesh | Material
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Facade systems-Facade cladding
Cladding panels-Metal
Cladding panels-Copper cladding panels
Metal-Metal sheets/panels



„New structure: Copper curtains for protective transparency“

The material is first perforated and then stretched to create a copper rib mesh – a metal curtain with functional aesthetic qualities. The many different textile-like structures of the TECU®_mesh surfaces provide openness and create a solid barrier, offering both transparency and mechanical protection. TECU®_mesh surfaces in rib mesh design – for individual and characteristic impressions of light and space.

After the copper and copper alloys strips have been produced the TECU®_mesh structures are created by perforating and then stretching the material. The rib mesh created in this way is also expanded in the direction of the material thickness due to the effect of the tensile force.

TECU®_mesh is available in various TECU® surfaces and some individually modifiable parameters.

TECU®_mesh detailed

Mesh shapes:
The mesh is an element of the expanded metal sheet. The shapes
are determined by the strands and the openings enclosed by these strands. The size of the mesh depends on the mesh length and the mesh width.

Mesh length (ML):
Distance from centre nodal point to centre nodal point toward the long diagonal.

Mesh width (MB):
Distance from upper edge nodal point to upper edge nodal point toward the short diagonal.

Strand width (SB):
Width of the material remaining between the openings.

Strand thickness (SD):
Thickness of the used material.