Where does a product designer get his ideas from? From new materials that encourage challenging new applications. From new production techniques that make the previously unthinkable possible. And by observing everyday life manifesting unsatisfied needs.

It is in this arena that Zurich designer Beat Karrer together with his team develops new products which resound favourably with his renowned clientele such as Anthologie Quartett, Ballfinger and Designerslabel (Germany), Boffi and Corian/DuPont (Italy), Offecct (Sweden), Burri, Röthlisberger, Kidsmodern and Tossa (Switzerland) or TossB (Belgium). As well as among the juries of international competitions in Belgium, Germany, Spain and Switzerland that awarded Beat Karrer with several prizes for his designs which often are unusual in their approach yet very functional and practical in their daily application.

Nowadays Beat Karrer is also an active visiting teacher, lectures all over Europe, participates in juries and leads workshops for example for the Vitra Design Museum. Beat Karrer's ideas have appeared in many publications and various books.


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Recognition at the "Prix Lignum".

FS Stool for FluidSolids® has received the "Materialica design and technology GOLD award" in the category "CO2 efficiency".

Finalist at the "Delta Awards".

Finalist at the "Lights of the future competition".

Nomination for the "Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland"

Winner of a "Materialica Design Award", Design Centre Munich

Selection of the jury at the "cDIM 01", International Furniture Fair in Valencia

The "Dirk van Mechelen" Prize at the bi-annual "Interieur" show in Kortrijk
3rd place in the sponsors' prize at the "smi" in Zurich

1st prize from the technical jury at "Blickfang" in Zurich


- "Making Ideas: Experiments in Design at GlassLab", The Corning Museum of Glass, Corning NY
- "Exhibition of Excellence in Design" at Germany's 2012 Federal Design Awards, Berlin
- "Prospects Park", Cologne
- "Spot on Materials", Design Zentrum Berlin

- "Matrialia Design Show Price Winners 2011" Munich
- "Montenapoleone Design Experience", Milan

- "Better City, Better Life", The Zero Carbon International Design Exhibition
- "Swiss Furniture and Interiors", permanent collection, Landesmuseum Zurich

- "Delta Awards Exhibition", Barcelona

- "Case Study 08" by German Design Council, IMM Cologne, Neue Sammlung Munich

- "Corian – 40 Years / 40 Designers" Fuori Salone, International Furniture Fair Milan
- "Avverati - A Dream Come True", Salone Satellite Milan

- "Materialica Design Show Price Winners 2006", Munich
- "Blickfang Price Winners of the last 10 years", Blickfang Zurich

- "Stylepark in Residence" International Furniture Fair, Cologne
- "Criss & Cross", Exhibition, Gewerbemuseum, Winterthur
- "Contrasts", Exhibition, International Furniture Fair, Milan

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