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With “Cocone” from Züco, a brand of the Dauphin HumanDesign Group, people can enjoy privacy yet still remain in the thick of the action. The new homely lounge furniture is the ideal refuge for communication in dynamic, open-plan office environments.

Offenhausen, July 2012. Modern offices should allow staff to be more productive. There is already a whole range of solutions designed to achieve this goal. In fact, people have been exploring options such as “open space offices”, “non-territorial working”, “mobile working” and other forms of the “office of the future” for years now. In certain cases, however, these solutions are adopted, only to be abandoned again later on. Although activity, communication and movement characterise a modern, ergonomic working environment, the subjective well-being of each member of staff remains the most important factor when it comes to productivity. The art therefore lies in being able to offer an alternative yet suitable working environment from case to case. Furniture with a domestic or residential accent allowing individual variety when working is thus becoming increasingly commonplace. It offers the privacy and quiet people need to concentrate when working individually, for team meetings or simply to relax.
“Cocone” is a brand new product in the Züco range. An oasis of well-being, it helps to achieve systematic structures in open-plan office environments. Whether it is used for room structuring or as an island solution, the classically proportioned furniture brings together apparent opposites to form a harmonious unit. With its austerely cubic design on the outside yet fluffy, soft upholstery and cushions on the inside, “Cocone” brings a feeling of homeliness to hectic offices and helps to protect people’s privacy in busy environments. For maximum comfort, the seats on the two, three and four-seater versions are all 70 cm wide. With high backrests, the new items of lounge seating seem like private cabins in open-plan areas, screened-off places where people can go to concentrate or communicate with each other for a while. With low backrests, however, “Cocone” becomes a comfortable item of upholstered furniture which, when combined with matching additional modules, is itself able to structure a room. The two-dimensional, one-piece wooden shell ensures distinctive styling and acts as a boundary to the outside world. It offers a great deal of freedom when it comes to surface designs. Coloured cushions on the inside provide special touches and open up additional individual design options. “Cocone” is more than just a sofa. It is a versatile, complete family comprising seating, stools, tables and various other components.