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Faraway ZAC900
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Bathroom accessories-Soap holders/dishes >
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L 330 mm

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Faraway is the first collection launched by Zucchetti.Kos as a Group. It consists of over 100 items innovative in their shaping and functions and it is the most complete and extensive collection ever created for the bathroom. From hotels to private homes it brings a revolutionary new iconography into the bathroom environment. Faraway consists of a highly flexible kit of components: a collection that is demountable and modular making it possible to organise the bathroom space in totally innovative ways; new solutions that create a more relaxed contemporary unconventional bathroom environment. The Faraway range answers every need fulfils every area of today's taste and interprets the dreams of every type of person. Faraway is the metaphor for a distant journey to rediscover the senses and explore a new world of wellness completely different from the usual concept of "wellbeing". With fragrances aromas velvety-soft surfaces and rounded shapes that invite soft natural caresses Faraway suggests a nomadic bathroom and gives physical form to the experience of the senses anywhere in the world. We live in a fluid, dynamic society that is changing and becoming. Wellness must no longer mean going through a daily routine, but having an experience. Faraway is a kit of components that consists of beautiful things, relaxed shapes, surfaces meant to be touched. The warmth of burnt ash, the softness of Cristalplant, and the scents of incenses: these are all integral to the project as key elements that help to define a new made-to-measure form of well-being that corresponds both to the real (physical) and/or the virtual (inner) journey all of us take, wherever we are in the world. Ludovica+Roberto Palomba Faraway also brings formal and typological innovation to the products. The power of this iconic project is amplified by its refined white gloss or chromed finishes the purity of its fresh soft materials like Cristalplant and its technologies which are advanced but never intrusive. It is destined to change forever the iconography of the contemporary bathroom. Faraway is possibly the most challenging collection ever achieved by the Zucchetti.Kos Group. Over 200 prototypes have been designed and developed. 4 years of research, the first of which entirely dedicated to sociological studies and market surveys. I strongly wanted to engender a vision of ambiences, not just of products: of new gestures, not banal rituals. I wanted a different atmosphere. A journey in search of another dimension: a new adventure. Elena Zucchetti_CEO Zucchetti e Kos