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Product description

Lounge chair
Painted steel frame for outdoor use in the shade of white or black. Weave in PVC thread with nylon internal reinforcement, in the shade of white or black.

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"Lama is an icon of quality and artisan workmanship coupled with design. With this new project, we wanted to experiment how to preserve the identity of the product while changing the material used," so explain the designers that created the first version of Lama for Zanotta in 2006 (the cowhide version is very famous). "We started out from researching and studying the materials to explore new moods and provide an original interpretation. We used plastic to create new opportunities. Through weaving we have PRESS told new stories and new uses, like the outdoor use.
The new 2011 Lama version xx/10/08 preserves its iconic value, endowed with new effects and functions." Painted steel structure for exterior (white or black), PVC-thread with internal white or black nylon reinforcement.