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Flow cabinet
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ZANINELLI BAGNI presents “Flow Collection”, designed by Marco Salvaterra.

Natur's elements
The inspiration for this new collection was born during an alpine mountaineering tour on the
Marmolada, the Queen of Dolomites.
A grey day didn't leave any hope for nice weather, just on the contrary, at an altitude of 3000 meters, beneath Punta Penia, a sudden fall in temperature caused a thunderstorm. But before the storm hits time stands still, all the energy which will be unleashed in a few minutes is kept in this moment, reigned, and it is possibile to enjoy an unreal calm the before storm moves in.

The inspiration
L'ispirazione which delineates the shape of the collection's items is the moment of tension, the calm full of expectation and presentiment of action that give a glimpse of energy which could overwhelm nature.
Throughout the large cabinet doors the wind can unleash all its power and after the storm has passed the stream of water can pour out mightily through the wide pursed basin lips. Soon the sunlight will reflect again on the watersurface kept in the sink.

The Flow collection by ZANINELLI BAGNI (design: Marco Salvaterra) comprises

– Bathroom furniture for countertop washbasins: wooden structure with rounded edges. The large central lip fulfils the task of handles; the two drawers are easy to open with the recessed grips.

– Horizontal wall-unit: features two spacious drawers

- Vertical wall-unit: shelves in the inner part of the wall-unit offer storage space for all kind of accessories.

– Bathtub: the oval shape of the bathtub features the silhuouette of the range's sink.
Dimensions 190x90 cm