HOS 3D Plaster

Natural composites from ZADTA TECH

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The first HOS-based product already available on the market is HOS 3D Plaster. It is a biological plaster made of specially treated straw and ideal for creating personalized interiors.

A dense mass with adhesive properties, HOS 3D Plaster is similar to malleable wood. Water makes the material more yielding, which allows to sculpt any forms out of it. Once dried, HOS 3D Plaster solidifies. Besides hand-sculpting, ways to work with the material include compression molding and casting of 3D forms. As a result, HOS 3D Plaster is suitable for the creation of stuccos, ornaments and any other decorative 3D objects, as well as all kinds of plasterwork. (optional : for walls and cellings)

HOS 3D Plaster thus combines top quality, affordable pricing, and outstanding functionality. Product, interior, and furniture designers, artists, architects, and other professionals, as well as any individuals who want to create one-of-a-kind objects for their homes, find it to be a perfect material for the purpose. HOS 3D Plaster will also appeal to those who would like to live in a wooden house but have no opportunity for doing so: they can easily plaster their home's walls with the ecological straw material, similar to liquid wood in its effect. At a special request, HOS 3D Plaster can be created out of Alpine hay or even medicinal herbs.

To those who have difficulty implementing a complex project, professional aid can be provided. In collaboration with an industrial partner, Zadta Tech has developed a special HOS diffusor that makes plastering with HOS even quicker and easier. The diffusor will soon be available for purchase.

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Manufacturer ZADTA TECH
Family HOS 3D Plaster
Architonic ID 1316898
Year of Launch 2014

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