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Material: Birch plywood
Color: black

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The Lightness of Being
The combination of a unique binding system and precisely finished elements results in elegant, custom-built furniture which is extremely practical for office or living spaces. It can be extended or added to - without any screws and tools.

Specially made cable loops are placed around the three sides of a module and made taut through the tension created by pushing out the fourth side, thus fixing the four corners in place. This, together with the rear side, forms a stable module.
Unlike furniture which is assembled using screws, the individual modules are connected to each other with balls. At clearly defined points and a distance of 25cm, precisely cut cavities are added. These hold the chromed steel balls and ensure the stability of the furniture. In addition to the structural flexibility, which requires no screws or tools, this binding system ensures the highest quality but reduced material density, making it lighter and more visually refined. The flexibility in conjunction with the available options enables you to create personalized pieces.

The standardized chromed steel balls are placed between the precisely milled cavities of the two elements to create an immovable, stable binding. The weight loading is derived from the radial balls and increases stability.

The core of the cable loop is a durable fiber which does not extend under tension. It is covered by a second protective fiber, which is very resistant to abrasion.

Environmentally friendly
Birch wood is available in abundance and is a very fast growing tree species. The white and black film coating applied is more resistant than conventional and organic coatings.

Swiss Precision
The Xilobis furniture system is produced entirely in Switzerland using the most cutting edge machinery. The processed laminated birch wood is stronger than a solid wood panel and can thus be more precisely processed.

Design your own!
Your creativity can result in timeless, individual components which are unique pieces for your home. In a few simple steps, the innovative furniture system can meet your spatial or visual needs and offers great practicality along with the highest quality - an amazing furniture system!

Flexible by nature!
Components of the highest quality result in elegant and practical workplaces, attractive reception areas or your own individual home office. The innovative furniture can be extended in any number of ways and in a few steps can meet your spatial or visual needs. Simple and no tools required - saving time and money.

Build your own!
Creative and individual? In a few simple steps you can customize the furniture to your own spatial and visual needs.

An impressive table with clear lines and a simple elegance.
It can be assembled in a few simple steps and is held together by the sophisticated cable design along the legs and the table-top, which makes it completely stable.

Material: Birch plywood
Color: white / black

- Table 160/80: 160 x 80 x 72 cm
- Table 180/80: 180 x 80 x 72 cm
- Table 180/90: 180 x 90 x 72 cm
- Table 200/80: 200 x 80 x 72 cm
- Table 200/90: 200 x 90 x 72 cm
- Table 250/90: 250 x 90 x 72 cm
- Table 200/100: 200 x 100 x 72 cm