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Wovin Wall
Wovin Wall
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Wovin Wall® is a modular wall and ceiling tile system. Our systems are beautiful, 3 dimensional, simple to install and light weight. Wovin Wall® has excellent acoustic properties and offers an aesthetically pleasing solution to acoustic problems.

As well as our company name, Wovin Wall® was also the first product in our modular wall and ceiling tile range, initially designed for the iconic Longrain Restaurant in Sydney, Australia. Wovin Wall® creates a distinctive woven pattern by the curved tiles being placed in alternating directions.

Wovin Wall® is available in a wide variety of standard and custom finishes making it uniquely flexible in appearance. Wovin Wall® can also be applied to gently curved walls and ceilings.

Wovin Wall® is available in either Standard or Oval shaped tiles.

Standard tile designs are sculptural in form and create a distinctive, elegant woven pattern.
With subtle curves and an open weave pattern, standard tiles lend themselves beautifully to being backlit. A subtle line of light glows from the tile edges onto surrounding tiles creating a striking effect.

Oval tile designs are formed by beautiful organic scallop shapes, which help to create feature walls with strong, fluid lines. The deep curves of the oval tiles form quite a tight interlocking weave, which is also a perfect canvas for printed images.

Backlit oval tiles work best in a tile finish that will allow light through the face of the tile such as Polypropylene in either opaque or translucent finishes, or in one of our printed finishes. A backlit Wovin Wall® of oval tiles will create a stunning, glowing wall of light.

Wovin Wall® can be used with either our Standard or Deluxe perimeter frames, without a frame or recessed into your wall or ceiling surface.

Wovin Wall® has a reduced environmental impact, for additional environmental information please request the Environmental Data Sheet for the specific tile finish you require.

A growing number of commercial projects have acoustic challenges. Wovin Wall® provides the perfect solution and at the same time is aesthetically beautiful. Wovin Wall® is an outstanding acoustic absorber, particularly in the mid range frequencies (which include vocal noise). We are continuing our research and development into new acoustic products which will be available from Wovin Wall soon.