S|V|L - the idea
Up to date architecture needs modern construction materials!

S|V|L is wood, but from the technical engeneering point of view altered to such an extent that it matches the style of construction of our time and harmonises with the frequently used construction materials such as glass, metal and stone in excellent way and supplements such components in a fanciful way.

S|V|L is a high strength, load bearing material like any comparable material. As a result, construction parts can have lesser dimensions which makes them even more graceful.

S|V|L can be calculated with substantiated figures. The Douglas Fir timber is supervisory construction approved by the DIBT under the No. Z-9.1-539 . All S|V|L timbers are produced in accordance with existing standards and stipulations through the use of approved and tested glues.

S|V|L looks surprisingly good. And that is what we wanted!

S|V|L - an idea has become a career.